Can I use Steamery Detergents in HE Washing Machines?


No, you should not use our detergents for HE Machines.

HE stands for High Efficiency, and the high efficiency washing machines are made to reduce the amount of water and energy used for each load of laundry. They are usually bigger as well and fit more laundry than regular washing machines. Therefore, you might also need a bit more detergent than washing in a regular machine.

These machines require detergents that are effective even at smaller amount of water. There are special detergents out there made to suit these washing machines. Regular detergents should not be used in those machines, because they create too many suds in low water levels.

If you have a high-effeciency washing machine, the recommendation is to use HE detergents as well as those are compatible with the machines and less water. You should not use regular detergent in HE-Washing machines. Our detergents are developed for regular washing machines (and handwashing of course) and therefore we cannot recommend using those if you have a HE-Washer.