Could you steam fake leather or fake suede?


We do not recommend that you steam genuine leather or suede. Fabrics that normally should not be exposed to water should also avoid being steamed because this can cause stains on the fabric. The leather may also shrink a little.

So, how about fake leather and fake suede? Faux leather is made out of plastic fibers and therefore these garments are somewhat made out of plastic. The composition of these kind of fabric might look different and vary depending on the manufacturer. Fake suede is closer to textile in the composition, although we do want to highlight that this could vary a lot depending on the manufacturer. We will therefore always recommend that you try to steam a small piece of the fabric to start with to see how it reacts. Also please keep distance between the fabric and the steamer. 

We are very careful with recommending to steam plastic - which is what fake leather usually consist of. Please keep this in mind and once again please be gentle and careful if you will try to steam these kind of garments.