Descale Cirrus No.1 and Cirrus No.2

Limescale within the steamer can prevent the water to travel through the steamer and no steam will be produced. Therefore, it is very important to maintain your steamer and take good care of it. The absolute best thing you can do for your steamer is to use clean and soft water from the start. This will radically prolong the lifetime of your steamer and improve the longterm performance of the product. Please note that this is relevant for both Cirrus No.1 and Cirrus No.2 even though Cirrus No.2 has coating on the inside that makes it better equipped to resist limescale. 

If you experience trouble with your steamer, we recommend that you descale your steamer using vinegar since it's gentle towards the steamer and an effective way to get rid of limescale. Use vinegar with at least 12% acetic acid. Do not use a descaler since this might harm the steamer from the inside and generate strong acids that are no good to inhale.

 Below you will find a five-step guide on how to descale your steamer with vinegar: 

1. Drop 1 cl of vinegar (at least 12%) in the water tank.

2. Fill the rest of the tank with water. 

3. Steam until the tank is empty (not on clothes since it might stain). Some brown-ish chalk residues will come out of the holes in the mouthpiece that will have a quite unpleasant smell. Please keep the steam head over a sink to prevent getting stains on any furniture's.

4. Fill the tank again with fresh water only (no vinegar this time) and steam until the tank is empty again to get all the residues out of the steamer (please note to not steam on clothes still)

5. Done! You can go back to using your steamer as per usual. 

You might need to this more than once. When there are no more limescale residues coming out the holes the steamer is clean, and you are good to go!