Differences between Pilo No.2 and Pilo


What makes Pilo No.2 different from the previous fabric shaver, Pilo No.1?

Our first debobbler, Pilo No.1, is a terrific garment care tool; it gets the job done. Pilo No.2 does it even better – faster, safer, smoother and with a unique and more user-friendly experience. Our new fabric shaver is not only a design product; it is also refined in every aspect.

Pilo No.2 features:

· 6 razor blades (Pilo No.1 has 3)

· Stands up in two positions

· Charges twice as fast: 2,5 h

· Operation time is twice as long: 2 h

· Use while charging

· A larger shaving area

· Much bigger waste container – no need to empty as often

· Easier and faster cleaning