Do I need to descale Cumulus No.3?


Yes, you will have to descale your Cumulus No.3. We recommend that you descale it every 15-20th tank. Meaning if you know that you used the steamer for about 15 to 20 times running through whole water tanks it is time for descaling!

When you use the steamer and water turns into steam some small residues of limescale will appear and stay on the inside of the steamer. The residues consist of magnesium and limestone. They create a coating on the inside which can harm the steamer in the long run and prevent it from functioning proper. Descaler (or vinegar) and hot water removes this coating and makes the steamer clean again. 

We offer a descaler at our website which is ideal for Cumulus No.3 and Stratus No.2. 

To descale your steamer, please follow the steps below:

1. Loosen up the hose and the water tank.

2. Pour 5 cl of the descaler together with 10-20 cl boiling hot water in the hole where the water tank is usually placed. 

3. Make sure that the descaler is well mixed together with the water inside the steamer by gently leaning it back and forth. You will see brown-ish residues in the water. 

4. Pour the water out from the steamer - lean it to the side over a sink and carefully let the water come out. 

5. Repeat step 1-4 a couple of times until there are no brown residues of magnesium and limestone left in the steamer. 

You could also use vinegar to descale your steamer if you do not possess the descaler above. This is how you do: 

1. Unplug the cord and remove the water tank. 

2. Pour approximately 2 cl vinegar. 

3. Let around 5 cl water boil.

4. Pour the vinegar and the boiling water inside the steamer through the hole where the water tank is usually placed. 

5. Gently lean the steamer back and forth so that the vinegar mixed water can get to all the residue inside the steamer. 

6. Wait for about 5-6 minutes. 

7. Carefully empty the steamer over a sink. These steps above may also be necessary to repeat a couple of times in order to get rid of al the limescale and make the water completely clear. 

Please watch our tutorial to learn more about how to descale Cumulus No.3 and Stratus No.2:

How to descale Stratus No.2 and Cumulus No.3