How does the Clothing and Shoe Mist work?


Well, our mist is almost magical. It contains bacteria that attack and eat microbes that are responsible for the bad smell and create the odor. It is the active bacteria culture that helps eliminate unwanted odors. To break it down to you, the bottle basically contains water, bacteria and perfume. The spray is completely biodegradable and thereby it is very gentle towards the environment.

The packaging is made of recyclable plastic and should be sorted as hard plastic packaging. As mentioned the mist contains perfume. It is s lightly perfumed with hints of bergamot and oak. The mist comes in a smart, small, easy-to-use bottle, easy to bring and carry-on size. The idea with this mist is to make your clothes feel fresh without washing them. Less washing means smaller carbon footprint, saves water and reduces textile wear-and-tear = win win-win!

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Clothing Mist - the final odor solution