How to clean Pilo Fabric Shaver?


It is very important that you remove fuzz and clean your Pilo thoroughly between usage. If you don't, then this might cause the Pilo to stop functioning properly. Always make sure that your Pilo is turned off when you are about to clean it. The following steps will guide you through a proper cleaning:

1. Remove the protective cap and storage bin in plastic.

2. Remove all the visible fuzz.  

3. Remove the external blade protector covering the razor blades. 

4. Use the included brush to wipe away any fuzz and dust around the razor blades and then carefully remove the blades as well. 

5. Thoroughly cleanse the Pilo and remove lint, fuzz and dust - pay extra attention to the spinning asix, meaning the rotor pin that the razor blades are attached to (please note the picture below). This is a very common space where hairs, lint, threads and fuzz easily get stuck and this might prevent the spinning asix to rotate. If there is no rotation, the razor blades won't be doing their job. Use the included brush here as well to clean the Pilo. 

6. You are now finished! Put all the parts back together and get back to using your Pilo as per usual. Make sure to charge the Pilo minimun five hours between usage. 

If you still feel uncertain on how to clean the fabric shaver please watch these move tutorials on how to clean the Pilo to learn more:

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