In what countries can I use my steamer?


If you possess a steamer with an EU-plug it could be used in all the countries supporting the frequency of 220-240 Voltage - same voltage as in Sweden and most of Europe. There are countries that do not use the same voltage or frequency so please make sure to check this before you travel somewhere with your steamer. 

The steamer will work just fine in most countries with an adapter, but if you find yourself in a country using a different voltage standard then you will need a converter in order for your steamer to work. If you do not have a converter and try to use the steamer then it might work poorly or even break. A converter is used when an electric device is not suitable for the given voltage that the socket has. 

Please note that our steamers are not dual voltage, meaning they will not adapt to local voltage or power outlets. We always recommend that you inform yourself about the frequency at a destination you plan to visit. 

Some examples of countries where our EU-steamers will not work even with an adapter: USA, Mexico, Japan and Canada.