Lint Brush vs Tape Roller?


Why should you bother getting a Lint brush while possessing a perfectly fine tape roller? The Steamery team prefer the Lint brush for two reasons. First out, it is a more sustainable option, and second it is very gentle against fabrics. 

The tape roller is more or less a disposable product. When you purchase a Lint brush you invest in a clothing brush that will not require that you get extra parts or such. Also, it is made out of recycled ABS-plastic. 

When you use a tape roller on your garments, it always leaves residue of glue, meaning even more dust, fuzz and hair will get stuck on it the garment. This problem is avoided using Lint brush since it has no glue on the bristles but only weaved polyester. There will be no residues left on the fabric. 

Other arguments worth mentioning in favor of the Lint brush is that it is easy to bring on the go, is very gentle, easy to clean and most important - it gets the job done!