My Pilo No.2 stopped working – what to do?


If your Pilo No.2 stops working, there are a few things worth going through to troubleshoot the device.

Make sure to empty the fabric shaver successively as you use it – if there is a lot of lint and pilling, this easily gathers in between the metal protection cover and the razor blades. Meaning the blades will simply shove the lint around and around, and not being able to fit new lint. This will make the fabric shaver seem inefficient, not being able to remove lint.

Remove the razor blades from the metal protection cover and clean both the blades and the cover thoroughly.

Make sure to assemble the product correct and in the suggested order. Attach the razorblades inside the metal protection cover first – razor blades facing down. Then make sure the razor blade unit and the rotation pin fit properly. Doublecheck so that the rotor pin is straight and does not look skew.

If the Pilo is not assembled in the recommended order, it might not work as efficient as supposed to.

Twist the cover and body of the Pilo opposite directions to make the sure both parts interlocks. You will hear a clicking sound. Make sure the two dots are aligned at the back of the product. Then you will know it is correctly assembled.