My Pilo stopped working - what to do?


Trouble with your Pilo? Don't worry, there are a couple of things you could do for yourself in order to troubleshoot. If the problem still remains after checking these things, then don't hesitate to contact our customer support and we will help you further!


 A very common issue with the Pilo is if there are small lint stuck under the razor blades. If the Pilo isn’t properly cleaned the leftover fuzz can prevent the device from working. You can solve this by opening the Pilo Fabric Shaver, using the following steps: 

• Unscrew the plastic shield ring from the device 

• Use the brush stick to remove fuzz 

• Remove the metallic perforated mouthpiece by unscrewing it carefully. Be careful, the blades underneath are sharp

• In order to clean out excessive fuzz around the rotor, use the end of the brush stick to remove the blade unit and push it straight upward

• Double check that there are no threads or leftover fuzz twirled around the rotor pin 

• Also, clean the actual blades. Use the brush and/or blow away the fuzz 

If you want to learn more about how to clean your Pilo, here's a guide:


When the built-in battery is drained, the Pilo needs to be charged for at least 5 hours. Use the included cord and plug it into the USB port on a computer, or use an adapter (the kind that normally comes with a smartphone) in a power socket. Please let the Pilo charge for minimun five hours between usage. During charging a green diode is lit up and it stays on even when fully charged. Make sure that the green light is visible (if not, the Pilo, or the cord may be broken). 

Power outlet and Cord

Check that the cord is intact and fits the power outlet properly. Please see if the port is aligned with the plastic of the device. 


Does the button work properly? The button is pressed down for switching ON and OFF. It should never be stuck; if this is the case, the Pilo is broken.