My Stratus No.2 stopped working - what to do?


Sometimes you might experience some issues with you steamer - here's a small guide on what you can do to troubleshoot the product for yourself.


If you ever experience that your steamer is leaking, please try to locate the origin of the water. Is there water dripping from the handle?
If you experience a leaking steam handle, make sure that the handle has been properly screwed on. Also, check the angle of the mouthpiece, it needs to be screwed on straight and not tilted in any way. Still water leaking from the handle or mouthpiece? Please contact our customer support for further assistance.

Does the water tank leak?
If you experience leakage from the water tank, make sure that the plug has been properly screwed on. If it is still leaking after this then please contact our customer support.

Is there dripping water coming from the steamer?
If there’s leaking water coming from the actual steamer, please try to locate the origin on the device. Note that the hole where the water tank is attached always get filled with water and is nothing to worry about. If the steamer is leaking an abnormal amount of water (i.g. from underneath), please contact our customer support for further assistance.

No steam  

Start by checking if there's something wrong with the power supply.
Make sure that the steamer has been switched on. Check the power plug connection and make sure that the socket functions the way it’s supposed to.

Does the steamer get warm without producing any steam?
This may be a result of limestone residues and minerals clogged in the machine. Try to descale the steamer according to our guidelines. Here's a tutorial on how to descale the steamer:

Descale Cumulus and Stratus steamer

If there’s no steam coming out and the steamer doesn’t heat up or get warm at all, please contact our customer support for further assistance.

On/off-button doesn't light up

No light though the steamer is plugged in? Make sure there’s nothing wrong with the power socket. If the light doesn't go on and the steamer won't start then please contact our customer support. If the light doesn’t come on, but the steamer works like normal then it’s most likely the diode that’s given up. But feel free to contact our support department for further advice. 

Steamer only works in one of two modes

If your steamer is only working in one mode we recommend you try to descale the steamer properly according to our guidelines. If the problem remains, please contact our customer support. 

If you ever need spare parts or if the steamer has cosmetic issues or damages then please contact us through the customer support email and we will help you further!