On which materials can I use Pilo?


A very common question we receive on a daily basis is whether Pilo Fabric Shaver could be used on sensitive fabrics, sewing parts, around zippers and buttons. The plain answer is yes, you can use your Pilo on all of your garments, as long as you use the device is correctly. You can indeed use it in tricky areas like around zippers and buttons - just please be extra cautious. It is difficult to provide any guarantees since accidents could always occur. 

Behind the external blade protector there are three sharp razor blades rotating. The motor inside the Pilo generates a rotation speed of 10.000 revolutions per minute, which is twice as powerful as other fabric shavers on the market. Since the precision razor blades are this powerful, no pressure against the fabric is needed. Simply swipe the Pilo gently across the fabric. Start easy and light handed, and then if needed add a little pressure successively - please note that you should never push or press the Pilo against the fabric. If you add too much pressure against the fabric it might get stuck inside the razor blades. The consequence could be that the fabric gets damaged. We do not want this! Please note that Steamery will not take any responsibility regarding these kind of damages or accidents. 

As mentioned we do consider that our Pilo could be used on any fabric or garment - although we can not stress enough the importance of doing it right. Meaning, as long as the Pilo is not pushed roughly or pressed hard against the fabric it will do no harm. Another important thing to keep in mind is to always use the Pilo on garment that is laying on a flat, steady surface. Do not use the fabric shaver on anything you are wearing.

To learn more about our Pilo please follow this link:

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