Should I have a special Laundry Detergent for finer garments?


Delicate Laundry Detergent - this detergent is especially produced with delicate and sensitive fabrics in mind, such as wool and silk. It will prolong the lifetime of your finest clothes with the help of the composition of natural ingredients inside the bottle. It contains lanolin, which actually lubricate the living fibers in cashmere, wool and silk and protects them from drying out. Just like a balm! 

The reason that other detergents not made especially for delicate fabrics can ruin the clothes is because these detergents are made to break down and dissolve dirt made of protein (like organic stains, food, sweat, make up), which is of course a great feature for lots of dirty laundry. But, for these finer garments, the problem is that they consist of protein only - and they will be destroyed using the wrong detergent after only a couple of washes. If you possess any clothes made of cashmere, silk or wool we would really recommend you to invest in a laundry detergent with the same features as our Delicate Laundry Detergent! 

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