Summing-up the differences between Cirrus No.1 and Cirrus No.2


- The mouthpieces consist of different materials

- Cirrus No.1 needs to be descaled more regularly than Cirrus No.2. This is because Cirrus No.2 has a coating on the inside which makes the steamer more resistant to limescale. Leading on, the Cirrus No.2 is not in the same need for regular descaling as Cirrus No.1. 

- There's a difference in the design. Cirrus No.1 has a shiny surface and is currently available in three different colors while Cirrus No.2 has a matte finish and is currently available in five different colors. 

- Included with the Cirrus No.1 is the fabric brush that could be attached to the mouthpiece (not included with Cirrus No.2). We recommend you use the brush while steaming delicate fabrics as wool or silk. The brush creates some distance between the garment and the steamer.

- There is no brush included with Cirrus No.2. The reason is simple: it is not necessary. Due to the further developed mouthpiece in stainless steel we found the brush excessive because it is very gentle towards all kind of fabrics and the steam is evenly spread across the garment. Although, we always advice to keep a distance between the steamer and the garment if it is a delicate and sensitive one such as wool or silk just to be on the safe side. 

- There is a heat protection bag included with Cirrus No.2 (not included with Cirrus No.1).

- Basically, both models do have the same capacity and basic functions. You could say that Cirrus No.2 is a further development and upgrade to Cirrus No.1 regarding the design and the coating inside as mentioned above.