What do I get when I buy a Cumulus No.3?


For the ones steaming a lot at home we recommend the Cumulus No.3 Home Steamer. The steam quality is better compared to a small hand steamer and it is more effective. It also comes with an anti-slip hanger which makes it the perfect detail for the bedroom or walk in closet. Apart from the hanger the steamer also includes a heat protection glove, which is a great tool to use while steaming, and a fabric brush to attach at the mouthpiece. The brush creates some distance between the steamer and the fabric and we recommend using this while steaming delicate fabrics. 

Your steamer could be used in two different steam modes. One mode is accustomed to sensitive fabrics and the other should be used on sturdy fabrics. Cumulus No.3 will heat up within 40 seconds. The handle underneath the mouthpiece is very light weight for comfort and heat resistant. 

The water tank fit 1,8 liters of water which provides a steady flow of steam for about an hour. The steam pressure of our upright standing steamer is more even and powerful than our handheld steamers like Cirrus No.1 and Cirrus No.2. Deciding which one of the steamers you should get depends on what kind of needs you have. This one is perfect for home use and households that may steam more frequently.