What do I get when I buy the Stratus No.2?


Cumulus No.3, the other one of our upright floor steamers is developed to be a home steamer while this product is developed with professionals in mind. It is made to be used frequently for the ones steaming fabrics on a daily basis. Customers who usually prefer the professional steamer are shop owners that steam a lot of clothes in store, stylists, hotels, during fashion shows etc. Stratus No.2 is our most powerful steamer. 

This steamer has a mouthpiece made of nylon blend plastic which is a very enduring material. Even the boiler inside the steamer is made to tolerate frequent usage and  it's made of solid brass. Brass makes the steamer last longer and reduce the risk of overheating. The steamer can be used up to two hours a day. The steaming temperature reaches 99°C and the steamer heats up in a minute. The handle beneath the mouthpiece is heat resistant so that users won't have to worry about burning their hands. 

The water tank fit 3,2 liters of water and thereby it is our biggest water tank we have for our steamers and it provides 1,5 hours of use. Stratus No.2 can be used in two steam modes. Mode one is used for delicate fabrics like wool and silk. We also recommend that you use the included fabric brush that is easily attached to the steam head. Please observe that the fabric brush may not be attached when the steamer is running, during usage or when the steamer has been running for a while since the steam head will become hot and you might risk burning your hands. Before you start steaming, we suggest you plan what to steam and attach the fabric brush before you start the steamer. The second mode is used for sturdy and thick fabrics. 

With the included crease clamp you can easily create looks of press-folded pants with the Stratus No.2 while the garment is hanging. 

To wrap things up, this is our most powerful steamer with the biggest boiler and water tank that we offer. It comes with four steady wheels that makes is easy to move around. Although, we do want to highlight the importance of keeping the steamer on a steady and flat surface. If the steamer is leaning there might be some leakage.