What fabrics can I Steam?


With our steamers, you can steam almost any fabric. All of our steamers are very gentle, and some of them come with a clothing brush you can attach to the mouthpiece when you wish to steam more delicate fabrics. We recommend that this is used for example when steaming wool, silk or cashmere.

Our Cirrus No.2 does not come with a clothing brush like the rest of the steamers (Cirrus No.1, Cumulus No.3 and Stratus No.2) – this is simply because we found the brush excessive. The mouthpiece of the Cirrus No.2 is very gentle and therefore the brush is not needed.

It would be easier to say what not to steam. We do not recommend you steam leather, suede, PU-leather or any fake leather. Anything that does not withstand water is always good to avoid steaming, or steam from a distance.

You can use your steamer on all other materials, but please note that we recommend that you are careful with sheer and delicate fabrics. We suggest that whenever you feel uncertain how the fabric will react to the steam, please start by steaming from a distance on a less notable spot of the garment and see how it reacts. Image that you want the same result as if you were to put your garment hanging in the bathroom while taking a hot shower – that’s a good way to go for sheer fabrics that you feel uncertain about steaming.

You can also use the steamer on upholstery, sofas, cushions, tile, blankets, bedlinen and pillows. You can have a go with your steamer in your entire home!