What fabrics do I use Clothing and Shoe mist on?


This mist can be used on all kinds of fabric, breathing and natural materials such as linnen, cotton, wool and viscose. Synthetic material works just fine too, like elastane. You can use it on furnishing fabrics, outdoor clothes, jeans, shoes, knitwear, sportswear, jackets and bags. 

The only thing you should pay attention to and be careful with is fabrics that are usually sensitive to water, such as leather. Hence, we do not recommend that you use the mist on skins or leather products. This is because the leather might get stains from the mist. Although, you could absolutely spray on the inside of a pair of leather shoes - just be careful of the outside of the shoe. 

You use the mist most efficient by spray directly towards the fabric you wish to treat against smell. If you have a garment with the smell of sweat or fried food that you wish to get rid of, just place the garment on a hanger and spray directly at the area where you wish to reduce the odor. You could also use the spray to prevent smelly shoes by applying the mist inside of them.