What is a Lint Brush?


Our Lint Brush removes dust, hair, lint and dandruff and it's a sustainable option to the tape roller that you can find in every other household. The brush is just as effective on furniture as it is on clothes. 

The lint brush is made of recycled ABS-plastic and the bristle itself is made of polyester weave. All the tiny bristles are pointed in the same tilted direction. When moving the brush against the bristles, the bristle will lift and catch the lint, hair and fuzz. Please note that it needs to be moved one direction, against the bristles, otherwise it will not catch any dirt at all. 

The dirt will get caught in the bristles and to clean the brush simply twist the handle a couple of times and all the dirt will be gathered in a small container inside the brush. You empty the brush by pressing the top and the container will pop up. 

Lint brush can be used on all types of fabrics - although please be careful while using it on sheer, delicate and sensitive garments and fabrics. Always start by using the brush on a less notable spot to see how the fabric reacts to the brush.