What is the difference between Cirrus No.3 and Cirrus No.2?


Cirrus No.3 has features that makes it a hybrid between a steamer and iron. This steamer has a mouthpiece consisting of an ironing plate which is heated. Cirrus No.2 has a mouthpiece made of steel that does not heat up itself. It simply gets hot from the steam but has no additional heat to it like No.3.

The Cirrus No.3 can stand up, Cirrus No.2 must be held or put down horizontally.

Cirrus No.3 has an automatic shut off function and will automatically turn itself off after 30 minutes of inactivity. It also has an on/off switch in addition to the steam button. This means it can always stay plugged in for easier use. Cirrus No.2 must be unplugged after use and has no on/off switch.

Cirrus No.3 produce a higher amount of steam per minute. Yet, it runs on lower watt. It is also slightly smaller than Cirrus No.2. Apart from this, the steamers have obvious differences in their design and looks.