What makes your detergents so special?


First off, they are all biodegradable, efficient already at 30°C and manufactured in a climate neutral factory in Sweden. 

We use a lot of biotechnology in our detergents. Enzymes, molecules and active bacteria makes the magic happen. 

For White laundry detergent we use enzymes that actually targets stains, removes them effectively and creates a coating on the fibers that works as a shield towards future stains. It keeps the clothing white without using any bleach at all. 

Regarding Delicate laundry detergent, it is the lack of enzymes that make this product so great and suiting for garments made of wool, silk or cashmere. This is because this kind of garments consists of proteins sensitive to enzymes and should therefore not be exposed to them.

Odor control contains zinc salt that reacts to the tiny smelly molecules and create bigger ones, which makes them easier to wash off in the washing machine. This is the reason why it is so effective when it comes to removing odor and unwanted smell.

Dark and Denim is preserving of colors and will keep your jeans from fading. Works as an anti-washed-out treatment and doesn’t treat dark color pigments like dirt or too aggressively.

All colors preserve and care for all kinds of color nuances, just like Hypoallergenic. Neither of these contain any colorants and the main difference between them is that Hypoallergenic does not have any scent, perfume or allergenics.