What to do with clothes still smelling bad after washing?


We do have a solution for smelly clothes, even after they've been washed. They could smell like smoke, a bit frowsy, sour or sweat. Getting completely rid of odor sometimes is very challenging since the odor comes from tiny molecules that are difficult to wash off. The Odor Control Laundry Detergent contains an ingredient making the tiny molecules grow bigger and thereby they come off more easily in the washing machine. 

Our Clothing and Shoe mist is another option for smelly garments requiring a little refreshment. This little bottle contains an active bacterial culture which neutralizes smell. The good bacteria removes the bad bacteria. 

So, with a little help from bacteria and molecules your clothes will be good as new and non smelly! 

To learn more about how to take care of smelly clothes please follow the link below: 

How to keep gym clothes and hard shell fresh